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Boost Your Business: Eemie Wong

Eemie Wong is a freelance contractor, a member of the Association of Healthcare Trainers, and an Associate Member of the North of England Commissioning Support (NECS) unit. Eemie is a specialist in health and safety training and works with small and medium enterprises to develop and deliver tailored, comprehensive training courses as well as business consultation.
Eemie attended the Boost Your Business course to learn more about digital marketing and social media for business. Continue reading to learn more about Eemie's learning experience and what she found most valuable about the Boost Your Business course.
Can you give me an overview of your business, what does it do and what does your role involve?
I am an accredited trainer and assessor with Trainer Quals in delivering all mandatory health and safety training. I deliver this mainly in health and social care sectors. I am also a freelance linguistic interpreter where I work with the NHS, dentist and mental health trusts as well as various agencies. As a sole trader, I am responsible for finance, quality assurance, operations, compliance and management of my business. 
What did you find most beneficial about the course?
Collaboration is the big take away for me. Since finishing the course, I am actively seeking partnership with other businesses to expand more services to offer a complete solution to my clients. Since completing the course, I now know my strengths, and where I could seek support.
What impact will the course have on your role?
I learned the overall strategies of how to develop social media campaigns as well as the different sales and marketing activities that will yield returns to the business, which are essential skills to have in the digital world. The course really showed me that I don't have to have a presence on every digital platform, I can choose which one works best for me, and focus my energy on that. Ultimately, I now have the time to focus on growing my business. 
What did you learn about growing a business?
Growing a business is a life-changing experience. There may be obstacles along the way, but it's a learning experience. Sharing these experiences with other business owners on the course was fantastic. 
Why do you think it's important for established businesses to attend business workshops?
I think it's so important for businesses to attend workshops so that they keep abreast of current trends, skills, and knowledge in their industry. These courses are also a fantastic networking opportunity and expose you to business owners from a variety of industries. 
Interested in also attending the Boost Your Business course? Get in touch with our Enterprise team at or 0191 230 6410.


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