Are you passionate about your business idea?

Are you determined to get this business idea out of your mind and transformed into a trading business?

Do you live in the North East & Cumbria? 

Yes? So what’s stopping you? If its finance read on, anything else get in touch and let’s see what we can do to break down those barriers.

 PNE is delivering and managing the new government backed Start Up Loans initiative which means not only do you get access to a loan where you can borrow from £250 up to £25,000 at an interest rate of 6% (6.17% APR Typical) repayable over 3 years BUT you also get...


The Start Up Loans Company have secured some fantastic business offers, exclusive to Start Up loan recipients. These provide discounts on a number of business products and services and equip an entrepreneur with many of the tools needed to launch a successful start-up. To see how these offers could benefit your business and to redeem, please follow this link .

StartUp Loans Offers  

How do you apply?

You need a Business Plan and that's it!

Within the resources section of this website you will find a Business Plan template as well as advice and information on how to start writing a Business Plan fit for finance  BUT we at PNE are here to help you so... if you need any support with getting your Business Plan finance ready, please get in touch.

Once you have a Business Plan you are happy with submitting email it across to

As soon as you are ready to have your Business Plan checked to make sure everything is fine to go for the loan, get in touch and we will send you over the application form for applying.

So, if you do have the passion, the drive and the idea get in touch and lets see how we can help.


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